We don't all use grams - what about the cups?

Welcome to the all singing all dancing Gram to Cup converter for anyone using volume not weight measurements. 

Let's just call it a work in progress.  Thanks to those lovely  people at Allrecipes, I have created a conversion table for some of the main baking ingredients based on the equivolent to one cup. 

Hopefully I will have a much more fancy chart in the future.

Flour (plain/self raising/all purpose)14.5128
Flour (bread)14.8136
Sugar (granulated)17.1201
Sugar (confectioners/icing)14.5128
Sugar (packed brown/demarara)17.75220
Flour (bread)14.8136
Oats (rolled)1385
Walnuts chopped14.3122
Coconut (shredded)12.571
Chocolate chips15.35152
Cream cheese18.2232