Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blueberry Fizz Ice Lollies

I have just had a wonderful day filled with watching X Men First Class, eating a healthy fast food lunch at Leon's and a less healthy afternoon tea at Krispy Creme.  Check these bad boys out...
I didn't actually eat these all in one sitting...couldn't manage more than two.

I was also on the hunt for some of these.......
They pop in your mouth and are like flippin gold dust - you can only get them in sweet shops and I needed them for a recipe I'm trying out tomorrow.

I thought I'd give them a test run in a simple recipe to check out what happens to them once immersed in liquid.  Loads of possibilities were racing around my head when I came across a cookware shop selling the coolest Ice Lolly moulds.  Knowing that I had frozen blueberries and yoghurt at home, it was an easy decision.

To my relief, the popping candy did make the lollies fizzy (not as fizzy as when you eat it straight out of the packet, but fizzy enough). 

Ingredients (this can all be varied according to taste)
200 grams frozen blueberries
100 grams sugar
200 ml yoghurt
1 packet popping candy

This is embarrassingly simple:  Pulse the frozen blueberries:

Add the sugar and pulse again...

Add the popping candy and yoghurt and, you guessed it, pulse again (what the hell would I do without the food processor!)

Pour into lolly moulds (maybe using these cool ones with eyes and a mouth (I've got kids, it's allowed!)

Freeze for at least a couple of hours.

Next popping candy related post to follow tomorrow (hopefully!)

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