Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cashew Butter on Soda Bread with Strawberry and Chilli Jam

I felt the urge to make soda bread, peanut butter and jam.  Then I realised that I didn't have peanuts but did have a tonne of cashews.  I also decided that strawberry jam just wasn't exciting enough so added chilli.  All tasted amazing but the jam didn't set properly (damn those pectin sachets!).  Recipes to follow minus the jam which I am currently conducting a post mortem on...


  1. Strawberry jam with chili sounds fantastic!!! I'll have to try that! I've seen some recipes for refrigerator jam that I might try this summer, and making a batch of strawberry chili jam sounds awesome! :) Thanks so much for the great idea! :)

  2. Hi Sheila. Thanks very much for the feedback - It's a great combo and the flavour's great - it's just the fact it didn't set, which is all down to a high level of chumpery on my part. I used the Nigella online recipe for chilli jam to get the quantities, substituting some of the chillis and red pepper for the strawberries. I have succesfully made chilli jam with Nigella's recipe as the basis before so hopefully when I make another batch next week it will all be good and I'll be able to post the recipe...Fingers crossed. :)